Dr. Creep Recovering In Nursing Home

Dr. Creep has been experiencing some serious health issues and has been in the Franklin Ridge Heathcare Center since April.

Check out Dr. Creep’s Facebook page for the latest updates on his condition.


13 responses to “Dr. Creep Recovering In Nursing Home

  1. See Dr Creep and kick off the haunting season Saturday Sept 18 at :

    Belly Boo Bash for the Fistula Foundation workshop with Carenzs Fun Fun workshop

    Time: 7:30 – 11:55 pm Location: Eintracht Singing Society 2707 Troy Street Dayton ohio 45404 Notes: Belly Boo Dayton’s first Halloween Belly Dance show and workshop

    Belly Boo Bash! Belly Boo the Banshee Bash a benefit dance for the Fistula Foundation September 18th 2010 doors Open at 7:30 show at 8:30 Tickets are $10.00 event is at : Eintracht Singing Society 2707 Troy Street Dayton Ohio 45404 for map go to http://www.eintrachtsingingsociety.org

    or call 937-602-3788

  2. Hello Dr. Creep;
    I’ve been a fan of yours since childhood and you will always have a special place in my heart. I loved your antics and special effects, tempered with your witty form of humor. You were so far ahead of everyone else!
    There are many times in my life when I reflect on my days and nights in Kettering, as I would sneek out of my bed and watch one of your shows with the sound turned way down so that my parents wouldn’t catch me way up past my bed time!

    I will pray for your restored health and will always wish you the best because you turly deserve it.

    Sincerely; A grateful fan to you Dr. Creep.

  3. Sidne Whitehead Martin

    Hi Barry,
    I am sorry that you are having hard times. I also did not know that you are Dr. Creep. Where in the world did that come from? You were always such a nice guy in high school when we shared some classes. I remember Gretchen Oswald and I used to call you the blueberry (because of your name, I am sure) because blueberries were rare treats and very special. Anyway–blessings on you in your recovery. Sidne, class of ’59

  4. I am saddened to hear about your health. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, I have been such a huge fan of yours since I was a kid. Used to watch you every night. I even thought I was the coolest person since I met you at a birthday party. I will continue hoping that you feel well soon.
    Your # 1 fan,

  5. Steve and I have met with you in Fairborn over the last several years, as we were both huge fans growing up. We hope you are doing well and look forward to many more stories this year! As said in another post, take care of yourself first, though! You are in our thoughts throughtout the year, not just now. The only pictures we have of ourselves hanging in the house are the ones we’ve taken with you at Foy’s. You are the best, in all seasons! Much love and thanks for your work throughout the years, in Shock Theater, Clubhouse 22, your foundation for the children, and your paranormal research!
    Niki and Steve

  6. Dr. Creep you will walk across that floor once again wearing your cape with that wicked laugh that only you have just like you did in Shock Theater. You are a inspiration to so many people.
    You are loved Dr.Creep wishing you a speedy recovery Happy Halloween every day!!!

  7. Hello Once again Dr. Creep,
    How are you doing? Your web site is great. I love it. You are a wonderful icon. I have watched you since I was a small child growing up in Dayton,Oh.
    The scarriest movie I watched on Shock Theater was The Wolfman I had nightmares for years. Still today I am frightened by the movie. Hooooo
    Haaaaa Haaaa Love you Dr. Creep! Everyday is Halloween!
    Have a great Halloween 2010.

  8. Hi Dr. Creep…..my prayers and best wishes are coming your way! I’m a lifelong fan and grew up watching you every weekend….I’m still a horror movie fan because of those old days!
    Have a great Halloween 2010 and take care!

  9. I grew up watching Shock Theater in the early seventies. Me and my bowl of popcorn, and choclate shake, would watch every weekend. My younger brother watched Clubhouse 22 everyday after school. Nothing to compare it to these days. Hope your recovery is quick and painless. Thanks for the memories!!

  10. I hope you get well real soon.
    I shook you hand at the Hara Arena when I was a kid (I believe it was Carl Caspers Auto Show)

    I was looking forward to meeting you because I had seen you on Clubhouse 22. I was only around 4 or 5 years old, and would watch Clubhouse 22 with my older brother.

    It was a thrill to shake your hand and meet you. There was a werewolf in a coffin who was reaching out to shake my hand too, but I was scared and thought he was trying to pull me into the coffin with him – lol.

  11. Hi
    I heard your not doing to well, hope you get well soon. You will not be forgoten by me. Take care and lots of love.

    Your Friend Always
    Woodstock “Dr. Midnight”

  12. hello dr creep i am sorry to hear that you are sick i hope you get better soon you have always been a good friend of mine i love to see you when you was at the sunset drive in at the halloweenparty you was so cool i hope you get better soon you will always be a great friend of mine and get well soon we all miss you take care kaye

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