Horrorama Movie Festival 2010 – 14 Years of Fright

Dr. Creep, that seminal ghoul of Dayton, will be hosting the 14th Annual Horrorama Movie Festival at the Englewood Cinemas at 320 W. National Road near K Mart in Englewood, Ohio on Friday Oct. 29th. This horror movie festival will benefit Dr Creep’s health care fund and Breast Cancer Research. Doors open around 6 PM and the films kick off around 6:30 PM and last until around 4 AM on Saturday morning. Tickets are $11 in advance or $13 the day of the show.

The schedule of films features “Evil Dead II – Dead by Dawn”, the crazy sequel to the original “Evil Dead”, the original “Hills Have Eyes” – Wes Craven’s startling story of cannibalistic mutants, the little known but amazingly trippy 1974 film “Satan’s Children” aka “The Asylum of Satan” and ends with the grizzly 1982 Italian horror film “Pieces”. Also screenings are trailers and short films. Currently Horrorama is accepting short horror films as part of the first Horrorama Short Film Contest (see Horrorama Dayton on Face Book for more information).

For the last 14 years, Horrorama has raised thousands of dollars for charity. Horrorama sponsors are always needed. In previous years sponsors have included Bookery Fantasy, Foy’s Halloween Shop, Troma Pictures of New York and even Pulp Fiction’s director Quentin Tarantino, himself.

Horrorama is not just a passive movie watching event, every year Horrorama features a costume contest as well as other contests such as a “zombie walking” and ‘screaming” contests. More information on Horrorama can be found on Facebook as Horrorama Dayton or call the Englewood Cinema at 937-836-0805.


3 responses to “Horrorama Movie Festival 2010 – 14 Years of Fright

  1. Awesome. I used to go to these back in the late 90’s. Wish I could be there, but I no longer live in Dayton. Also, how come this isn’t at The Neon? Did they get tired of cleaning the corn syrup and food coloring off of the screen?

  2. I first must congradulate you on 14 years of horrorama. Being too young to have seen tv horror marathons with hosts like Dr.Creep as well as never being able to catch any midnight movies I have to say it is A thrill to see that you are still putting on this great show. That being said I have to question your choice of films that you fine people are showing this year. See I’ve been looking forward to this years horrorama for awhile as I have been unable to attend the last few years. I’m not questioning anyones taste in horror movies and I’m sure that most who are in attendance at horrorama are the most hardcore of horror fans who may scoff at my suggestion but I must ask that you consider some changes in the lineup of films this year. I mean personally I would be going to horrorama to have A good time and to me Hills have eyes is one of the most dysmal and depressing films ever made I couldn’t imagine sitting through it again. The Asylum of Satan? You can do better. And Pieces is an intresting choice but hardly qualifies as A feature. I’d like to propose that maybe you hold A vote on the movies you screen decided by the moviegoers themselves. If not that’s cool I’m not trying to be A critic here I just wanted to throw in my two cents. I’ll still probably end up going to this years Horrorama anyway.

  3. I’ve always been a big fam of Dr. Creep’s, don’t know how may of you remember him getting buried at the Dixie Drive in now there was a good time. I’ve watched Dr. Creep on TV, then when I was a little older I worked at the UDF in Englewood where Dr Creep made an apperance every morning for his daily coffee. No make up. (not much diff). LOL Congrats o n your 14 years that i’ve been right there to enjoy. I will make it to the Horrorama this year if tickets remain on sale next week. Gotta love the Dr making this film fest affordable for thoes of us who can’t always afford to attend much. Thank You. Scare On Dr Creep.. Love ya!

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