Dr. Creep Memorial Fund

A Memorial Fund has been set up for Barry Hobart/Dr. Creep. Tax deductible donations can be deposited at any PNC Bank branch location or mailed to:

The Barry Hobart/Dr. Creep Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 186
Franklin, OH 45005


15 responses to “Dr. Creep Memorial Fund

  1. As a kid I grew up watching the Dr back in the 80s…considering all he has done and supported in the Dayton area, it is the least I can do and help him out.
    Get better Doc.. 😉

  2. Ronald Milliken

    I am a Referral Coordinator for a local hospital in Dayton, Ohio with many contacts in the health community. I would be happy to help in any way. I am a nurse and will offer my services free of charge as well as many others I work with. He has provided enjoyment to all of us for many years. Now its our turn to repay him.

  3. Wasn’t able to make the fundraiser, but would like to contribute.

  4. Lynn McIntosh

    Barry was one of the first people I met when checking into North Hall at the College Conservatory of Music/UC in Cincinnati in 1959. Even then, he was truly unique and entertained us as Dr. Traboh on our closed circuit radio station, so his career as Dr. Creep is no surprise. He is indeed a most unforgettable character…and I never have. My prayers are with him during this difficult time.

  5. MaryAnn Cannon Luedtke

    I have wonderful memories of hours spent with classmates between classes in Shillito Hall – Barry was always part of that special group. I remember him with fondness, and he is in my prayers during this difficult time.

  6. Dr. Creep, thanks for making getting older so much more fun ( never could figure out a good reason to grow up).
    Much love and admiration for your talents. Never had to worry about falling asleep watching your show since I was constantly messing with the rabbit ears to get a clear picture all the way down here in Hamilton. Sometimes the rabbit got mad…
    God bless, Dan 🙂

  7. doc has been a true friend for tons of years…..thru good times and bad….and in this journey called life….i truly believe that’s what we really need to survive it…faith, family, and FRIENDS (like doc)..i would say MORE friends like him…buy he’s one of a kind.

  8. I am very interested and quite sincere in organizing a big fund raiser for Dr. Creep. If someone will please contact me to try and coordinate this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

  9. Since Dr. C is a national treasure, I think the Government ought to bail him out! Love you, Barry.

  10. Heather Schlorman

    My husband and I both talk about Dr Creep alot. We loved his show and watched it in the 70’s. Wish there was a show like that today. But then again–it was truly one of a kind. Best wishes Dr. You will be in our prayers.

  11. Dr. Creep a real American Icon, God Bless you Barry, thanks for all the Movies, Memories, and LAUGHS! whoo-ha-ha! You’re the “greatest”!

  12. Steve Mullinix

    Ive followed you since you started Shock Theatre, Your the best Doc…. Your in my prayers for a speedy recovery. Thanx for the memories…..

  13. Barry,

    I believe that we are related but I have never met you. Correct me if I am wrong but your mom and dad were Rosemary and Doug Hobart. If this is correct would you please contact me back.

    Hope that you are better, not at all sure what the health issues are.

  14. I don’t think that WKEF was overly kind to the Creepster when they parted ways, so I know he could use some help! Hoo-ha-ha!

  15. doc creep, is iconic since watching him during the 70,s many of those nights spent at the house w-rabbit ears watching him, nothing on the tube nor cable even comes close!! god speed on recovery!!!

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